“Showcased” presented by The-Lowdown

andy nguyen - faaarrrkkeeennn bawwwssss picccsssss

Rad - Holy f*ck!!! I love ur style man! sick shots!!

Philip - Hahaha the responses are overwhelming guys :)

Yonas Liu - Wow! Very nice pics!

Joshua Nham - Holy shit dude, your style is amazing. I appreciate the 4 pics you took of my car sooo much! (Black EM1) It’s nice to be up there with all the big budget builds :’)

Kiel - insane. if i ever make it down to nsw with my ap5 wagon ill definately be hitting you up, love supporting the fellow photographers!

Steven - Dude! Awesome photos, love your style. Hopefully we get to catch up at the next meet.

Peter Doyle - Some truly great photos in there!!! love the style :)

matboy - beautiful set man! love that you captured the people as much as the machinery on display :)
Bookmarked your site.

Philip - Thanks for the kind words Kiel :) I just had a quick browse at your blog and I’m amazed by your images! I’m sure you don’t need me hahahah. But it would be nice to catch with a fellow photographer :) and I love classics!

And also thanks for the support and kind words everyone! I hope to see you all someplace soon :)

Toby - Wow Philip these photos look absolutely awesome!!
I didn’t want to reach the end of the pix because I knew my race car probably wasn’t shot by you :( (white evo x with RPF1′s)

I shot the day with my 60D with a 30mm 1.4 prime and took a few ‘artistic’ styled, ‘bokeh’ shots but after looking at yours I don’t think I’ll even bother looking at my photos! haha.

You can clearly see photo ‘scenes’ on a whole new level, there are so many shots you’ve taken that I wouldn’t have thought up.

I think i’ll just stick to racing!

Philip - Hi Toby, I would just like to start off by saying sorry first of all.

Was your evo up against the wall with all the other evo’s near the food stand and Zen Garage tent? I wanted to take a few photos of many cars at the event, but since I was using an 85mm it made framing extremely tight :(

I waited around in the hopes that maybe people would disperse and give me a slight chance to shoot, but some areas were so crowded it was impossible hahaha.

But I would still love to see your photos and everyone else’s!

Daniel - Honestly the most impressive collection of photos i have ever seen from any meet.

Quality + Quantity.

You sir have the skills!

vyets - Amazing work buddy! best meet coverage by far, makes me regret not going so bad!

Didi - Nice pictures! nice cars too.

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